DACA Community Advisory from our friends at Asian-Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus

Currently, reports indicate that President Trump is considering terminating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Here's what you need to know should the program end.

Will it be fully terminated?

It is unclear how the Trump administration may proceed on the termination of DACA. There are three possibilities:

  1. The DACA program is rescinded in full. No new applications allowed, no renewals allowed, and all current work authorization cards issued through DACA are terminated.
  2. The DACA program is terminated and no new applications or renewals will be allowed going forward. However, DACA recipients currently with work authorization will be allowed to work until their authorization expires.
  3. The DACA program is terminated and no new applications will be allowed. However, those already approved can continue to renew for the foreseeable future.

Planning on applying for/renewing DACA

Due to the uncertainty of the DACA program we advise you do not file for a new application. You can choose to renew your status at this time, however, you will risk losing the filing fee.


It is unclear whether DACA recipients travelling abroad on advance parole will be allowed re-entry into the U.S. if DACA ends.

  • DACA recipients currently travelling outside the country should make plans to return immediately before the program is terminated.
  • DACA recipients planning to apply for advance parole or preparing to travel abroad on advance parole should avoid travel outside of the U.S. and remain within country, or consult an attorney before travelling.

Steps to Take  

While the status of work permits and advance paroles are unclear, you can take steps to obtain your Social Security Number and other identification that can be used even if DACA ends. DACA eligible individuals may also be eligible for other immigration options.

  • Social Security Numbers (SSN)
    • SSNs are valid for life and can be used for non-employment purposes even if DACA is ended. If you have not done so already, apply for an SSN as soon as possible while DACA and your work permit are still valid.
  • State ID (including Driver's License)
    • If you are eligible for a state identification card or a driver's license, apply as soon as possible while DACA is still valid. Eligibility will depend upon state law.  
  • Other immigration options
    • We advise you to consult with immigration legal service providers to explore other immigration options you may be eligible for. You can find low-cost immigration legal services at: https://www.immigrationlawhelp.org/.